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heliX® and proFIRE® Starter Pack 1

Contains 18 products to get you up and running quickly on your first experiments:
1x ADP-48-2-0_3, 1x MTC-0, 1x WP-096-650-8, 1x WP-SEAL-HLX, 1x AV-100-100, 1x AV-015-100N, 1x PF-CC-1, 1x SY-250-1, 1x BU-P-150-10, 1x BU-P-1000-5, 1x BU-PE-140-10, 1x BU-TE-40-10, 1x SOL-PAS-1-5, 1x SOL-REG-1-5, 1x HK-NHS-1, 1 x ASP-1-Ra, 1x TS-0, 1x DK-FT-KT-1
Order no. SP-HLX-1